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Our Plan for Success

A CV Interior Design professional will meet with you to discuss your project goals.  We will complete a walk-through of your entire space, and together we will build a road map that leads to your goal.  Using our proven 8 step “Feel Home” model in each room, we will create a plan for design which will draw a potential buyer to your home and get them to envision living in the home.  Remember the old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words”?  When buyers are searching for a new home on the internet, your staged home photos will speak volumes and give you a true competitive edge.



Create a visual showplace - It's proven that staged homes sell faster and for more money than their unstaged competition.

Staging – Vacant (Half and Full Days)

Following the consultation, a detailed Staging Plan Report will be provided outlining how CV Interior Designs will proceed to transform your vacant home into a home that buyers can and will envision living in!  We will review the budget for furniture and accessory rentals, and determine which rooms would provide your best ROI with staging.  We will utilize various strategies which include proper furniture scaling and placement, accessorizing where necessary, optimizing natural lighting, defining connection points, modernizing fixtures and artwork; which all combined will ensure that your home is a home where people want to live!

Staging – Occupied (Half and Full Days)

Following the consultation, a CV Interior Design professional will collaborate with you to determine the course of action.  Plans will likely include recommendations for “de-cluttering”, opening up your space to highlight it’s best attributes, painting, cleaning, minor repairs, floor and lighting changes.  Where possible, we will work with what you have and agree upon a budget that makes sense.  We understand you need to live in your home while trying to sell it; so we’ll try to ensure that the home sells quickly and that you receive the best price possible for your home.


Shopping Services

It's all in the planning

Whether you are decorating a current space to live in, or staging your home to sell, we will utilize our extensive experience to find the furnishings and accessories to make your home a showplace!  A CV Interior Design professional can offer great insight for paint, flooring and lighting changes that can make enormous improvements in design and décor.   In some instances, we can stretch your design and décor dollars by passing on our professional discounts to you.


Vacation Home Decor

Relax ~ allow us to prepare your home

Vacation homes are made for relaxing; in the sand, out on the lake or hiking, biking or skiing in the mountains.  Many times a “theme” can be carried throughout the home, so that you feel relaxed from the moment you arrive.  Whatever it is about your vacation home that speaks to you, we can help you with the design and décor that portrays that feeling.
Just bought your new Cape Cod vacation home and just don’t have time to get it ready?  Let CV Interior Designs work with you on all the details; we’ll plan a budget, a design and a timeframe that works for you so that all you have to do in your new home is relax!



Real Estate Photography & Floor Plans

First impressions count! 
We work closely with local real estate photographers.  They understand the importance of first impressions and will absolutely ensure that your home stands out among the competition.


"Beauty of style and harmony and grace and rhythm depend on simplicity"